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Road Bikes with Personality!

Bicycles are like their riders. They have a personality and features that allow them to adapt and live in harmony with the environment around them. For someone who rides for competition or just loves the feel of a fast, lightweight bike, a well-fitted road bike is a perfect choice. Rides, training or racing with the right road bike become more enjoyable and efficient when you have a bike which fits you properly.

When building a custom frame, the bike manufacturer Fidusa first ensures that they understand the rider’s needs in terms of fit, the intended use of the bike and any specific requirements they have for frame details or componentry compatibility.

With the passion and knowledge of experts, they can produce a unique road bike that perfectly fits the rider, resulting in great performance, handling and comfort.

Why does Fidusa make tailor-made road bikes?

What makes Fidusa stand out is the fact that they build each bike from scratch. This was a conscious decision made from the very beginning of the company, so that all riders have an excellent riding experience on a road bike that is built precisely for their unique body type.

Depending on the rider (body metrics, flexibility, physical  limitations and any personal preferences), the frame can be tailored for optimum performance and comfort. For examples, based on how often you ride and the type of riding you do, the build material, tyres and components can be selected to suit. All final choices for the creation of a tailor-made road bike are made with optimum performance and rider comfort in mind.

As for the colour and design of the bike? This is purely up to the rider’s preference!