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Handmade Bicycles for Everyone

A handmade bicycle is the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones today.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never learned to ride a bike, if you’ve been riding one for years, or if you’re an experienced cyclist. The goal of the bicycle manufacturing company Fidusa is to offer everyone the ideal bicycle that will make them feel every day the well-being and happiness that even a short ride with this particular “green” means of transportation generates.

Do you want a city or mountain bike? Are you looking for a track bike or just need the frame? Fidusa will build the bike of your dreams! Fill in the inquiry form now for further details as to how to get the ideal bike for your lifestyle.

Why choose a tailor-made bike?

A custom bike is a smart choice for anyone who wants to optimize their performance, comfort and riding pleasure.  The first stage in building each bike at Fidusa is to study the information of a rider’s body metrics, their riding experience and intended use of the bike. These play a decisive factor in the creation of a bicycle that will perfectly satisfy their needs.

As well as the practicalities of getting a bike that fits perfectly for optimum performance and comfort, the rider has the opportunity to create something unique by choosing the colour scheme and graphics that will give original character and special refinement to his bike.

All Fidusa bikes, like their riders, are unique – with their own serial number which is stamped on the frame on the first day of the build.