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Build the Perfect Bike Frame for You

Every rider is special and unique. Mass produced frames are only offered in a relatively small number of sizes. Many can be made to fit a rider with a change in the length and/or position of the stem or a change in the length or offset of the seat post. However, these changes often involve compromise. A custom-built, made-to-measure frame has a lot to offer, because it will be able to achieve a comfortable and effective position without compromising the handling of the bike.

Handcrafted bike manufacturer Fidusa has been in the business for many years, building frames and bikes from scratch to precisely fit each rider. The fact that each frame is manufactured from scratch to fit the rider guarantees optimum handling and comfort.

The frame is the secret that makes a bike stand out and feel like an extension of the rider

Why choose your bike frame from Fidusa?

Since 1985, Fidusa has been making bicycle frames that are perfectly fitted to each rider. Our bike fitting service is extensive and thorough – ensuring that your bespoke frame and any additions match every single one of your needs.

Each frame is unique, with its own serial number. The construction is a complex process, combining frame materials in specific sizes and angles to produce a finished product perfectly fitted to the rider.

Choose your preferred frame material from steel, aluminium or carbon fibre and choose your own colour scheme to create something unique to you.

Whether you need just the frame or would like advice and help with the selection and installation of wheels and components, Fidusa can help you to create your perfect tailor-made bike.