About us

Fidusa created its first steel bike frame in 1985, and it has always been in the front line of technology and making outstanding bicycles for Greek and foreign champions and hobbyists ever since.

The company took a step forward in the design and also in the creation of aluminum bike spare parts.

It makes the molds for bike tubes and frames from carbon fibers. This remarkable venture made the company stay on top of its game and provided it with the freedom to design and produce unique products.

Everyone is different: we all have different body measurements, physical skills, ages, preferences and mannerisms. We build bike frames and forks from steel, aluminum and carbon fibers based on the measurements and the needs of each and every cyclist.

Some cyclists love slopes while others prefer flat terrains. There are people who enjoy riding their bikes for hours, there are triathletes or people who suffer from orthopedic issues. A handcrafted bike frame by Fidusa takes a lot of work to make —even if you can’t really tell at first sight. Our expertise and experience make us stand out. A bike frame which wasn’t built with a specific cyclist in mind should not be deemed acceptable. At Fidusa, we believe that a bike should adjust to its rider and not vice versa. No matter how famous a logo is or how impressive accessories are offered, the performance of a custom bike will always be greater. Our long experience in bicycle races and our involvement in approximately 370 Greek championships prove that an excellent racing bicycle should be designed and built from scratch for each and every cyclist. Before we start the building process for a handcrafted, Fidusa bike frame, we contact the customer and we take factors such as age, weight, sex and lifestyle into consideration.

In addition, we don’t forget that appearance is another factor that makes a bicycle unique. The cyclist’s preferences for shape, color and style showcase their need for expression. We get attached to a bicycle which we see as part of our personality and it makes us feel alive, especially when we spend much time riding it.

We feel that the ergonomics, the right build and perfect size are reasons why a handcrafted bicycle is always better than a mass-produced one. The wrong size can cause injuries, muscle pains and fatigue.