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Unique Track Bikes for Maximum Performance

Great performances in track racing are the culmination of hard training, mental toughness and a bike that fits the rider like a glove.

A custom, hand-built track bike is a sound choice for a rider looking to maximize their performance.

The tailor-made bicycle manufacturer Fidusa has been the choice of many Greek and foreign track professionals and champions for over 30 years and Fidusa bikes have been used extensively by the Greek National team for both training and Championship races.

Why choose a Fidusa track bike?

The reason Fidusa is in the hearts of so many athletes is the attention and care they bring to all their track bikes. Custom frames are available in carbon fibre, a modern material with great strength and low weight, aluminum and steel.

Regardless of  the material, every aspect of the frame is custom-fit to fit the rider’s physiology.

Component and wheel choice is also an integral part of the build process and Fidusa can build a bike entirely to rider specification.

It’s also worth noting that Fidusa’s in-house CNC technology can be used to produce custom aluminium parts to bring something unique to each build.

Finally, just as important as performance is the appearance of the bike. All riders can request whatever colours and designs best reflect their personal aesthetic and which symbolize their country, and Fidusa always delivers a stunning and flawless track bike just like they dream of.