Alloy headtube

Cutting channels in the headtube before attaching the top tube and down tube.

Cro-Mo seat tube

Finishing the seat collar of a cro-mo seat tube.

CNC track ends

Reinforced track-ends designed and cut on our CNC machine.

Chimera carbon road frame

Chimera custom carbon frame ready for clear coat.

Carbon frame bottom bracket

Bottom bracket and down tube of a custom carbon frame.

Carbon frame bottom bracket

Bottom bracket, chainstays, down tube custom carbon frme.

Hydra frame jig

A custom carbon frame starts its build on the Hydra frame jig.

Brazing a cro-mo fork crown

Brazing a cro-mo fork crown.

Gloss black alloy headtube

Glossy black alloy headtube with smoothed welds on a custom Fidusa track frame.