MTB Frame Fidusa Marbel effe

Marble effect metallic red paint for a custom MTB frame.

Milling an alloy Fidusa head tube

Milling the bearing surfaces on a new alloy frame.

Fidusa Carbon Tandem

A new custom carbon tandem frame for the Greek Para-Cycling champions.

Fidusa Alloy Frame On Jig

Setting alloy aero tubes on the alignment jig prior to welding.

F20C Carbon Frame Fidusa

Fresh from the oven after clear coat.

F20C Carbon Frame Fidusa Final Preparation

Preparing a carbon frame for the paint process.

F20C Carbon Frame Fidusa Fasciatura

Applying the peel ply wrap to a frame seat cluster.

F20C Carbon Frame Fidusa Fasciatura Head Tube

Final wrapping of the joints on a custom frame.

Cro Mo Frame Fidusa Head Tube

Setting Cr-Mo Columbus Spirit tubes on the frame jig in preparation for welding.