Alloy Fidusa Frame Blue Red White

Final clear coat for an alloy frame.

Fidusa Carbon Frame F20C

Tailor made carbon F20C frame.

Fidusa Carbon Seat Stays F20C

Fidusa produced carbon seat stays for direct mount brake calipers.

Fidusa Carbon Frame on Jig

Aligning tubes on the jig for a custom carbon frame build.

Fidusa Carbon Frame Genius

Custom paint for a Fidusa Genius carbon frame.

Fidusa Carbon Frame

A freshly made custom carbon track frame.

Fidusa Avenue Black White Frame

Unique paint scheme to customer specification on a custom alloy frame.

Cro Mo Frame Fidusa Gray Black

Detail from a custom cro-mo frame.

Carbon Fidusa Frame

Lay up by hand on a carbon frame.

Carbon Fidusa Frame Bottom Bracket

Applying the final carbon wrap to a handmade carbon frame.